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Another Mother's Love Batik

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Here is a new batik I just finished this week. It shows ladies wearing the Gomasi, a traditional dress worn by women from Buganda region of Uganda. (Available for sale)


You can now register for batik lessons by sending an email on I handle individual and group lessons both children and adults, in schools, homes and other public venues around the world.

Mother's Love batik art 2017.

This is one of the new batiks that I did for mother's day. The technique also included applying wax with a toothbrush and a house painter's brush.

Handmade batik fabric

Lately I have continued developing my fabrics. They have now advanced from simple patterns to now intricate multiple technique fabric designs, all handmade on cotton. Take a peek and enjoy.

Taxipark Batik

These are some of my new taxipark batiks. A new series of four colorful batiks each measuring 45x65cm on cotton fabric. If interested, contact me on

Batik Fabrics for 2016

This is one of my latest fabrics, done on cotton with original patterns.