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My stand at WAPI art festival.

The stage is set for performances

Again this year the British Council organised the Wapi art festival and many artists both visual and performing came in large numbers to exhibit their talent-filled works. Performances by upcoming poets and musicians graced the occasion. Visual artists including oil painters, batik artists, graphics designers and portrait artists were there. I was attending this event for the first time and i was impressed with the way it was organised. Many people came to my stand to ask how i do my work and they were thrilled by the finished work i put on display. I had reproduced a few of my paintings on greeting cards and these turned out to be popular as they are affordable ($1 each).
The good thing about these events is that artists come together and share about what they face as well as getting contacts from potential clients.


This is my latest project titled SHARING KNOWLEDGE (2009) on cotton 33x22 inches in size. I was researching about using my patterns or motifs against a color background. This is the fifth project on the same subject above and it's new ground that i had long feared to break because of the risk of producing a dull picture. I used light colors except the middle background, to be able to bring out the black patterns. I wanted to show a discussion that could take place between mothers, which could range from child feeding, contraception, cheating husbands etc. This painting is rich with my original handmade motifs/patterns that have taken me 7 years to perfect. It is on sale now and i'll be showing it this Friday at our weekly artists fare at the railway yard near Mukwano industries in Kampala.

For iformation about this and many other paintings by me please feel free to email me at or call +256 772357756.