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The above batik is titled NECKLACE TALK (2010) SOLD measuring 34x26 inches in size. I was inspired by hundreds of women necklace artists who come to sell their art at a weekly market where i also attend. They lay down their colorful merchandise on mats and in order to make an impression, they wear the necklaces themselves. Many of them are breast feeding mothers and it's interesting to hear them talk about the latest tricks of making necklaces, from my stall.

This one above is titled MARKET WOMEN (2010) with a size of 34x18 inches. In this batik i was continuing with my inclusion of detailed flower patterning in the dresses of my characters. Two months ago i noticed a row of shops selling "gomesi" dresses (a traditional dress common in Uganda) in downtown Kampala. What was so striking was the amount of flower patterning and color these dresses had. I noticed that this was a bit lacking in my work that i decided to start thinking of my original p…