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Deep in the greenery of Luweero is a quiet place known as New Hope. I went this week on an invitation to do a series of batiks describing the classical scenes of this place. Armed with my camera, pencil and paper, i set out to explore this vast place dotted with tall trees all around.
There is a huge football ground (below) infront of 3 classroom blocks and part of my assignment was to draw children playing and shouting in this field.
On this day the field was empty, so i sat there imagining that they were there.

It was interesting to find out as you walk that New Hope is like a big circle with 7 spikes coming off it. In the centre of the circle are the 3 classroom blocks and the football field. Each spike is a road with a name that leads to a "home" that has the same name. A "home" consists of 5 well built huts; 4 huts serving as dormitories on the side and 1 communal hut in the middle. Am supposed to do a batik showing this arrangement.

I'll present all these…
In this brand new batik THE ROAD INTO BLUE HILL VILLAGE (2010) 20"x33", I wanted to do something that i have never done, something different. I imagined a peaceful place where people lived in little huts on a hillside surrounded by rivers on one side and blue hills on the other. However i didn't want to put in people, just the scenery. My favorite color is blue so i can't stop looking at this batik and thanking God for the work of my hands.