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Showing posts from November, 2010
This is the last of my fish meeting series. I wanted the crack effect to dominate this picture for it to have a strong look.

Street scene batik (Old Kiwoko hospital maternity ward and doctor's village)

This batik shows growing maturity in depicting street scene in my batik art. The location is the old Kiwoko hospital maternity ward and doctor's village in the middle ground. I think I'm now ready to try a city-scape scene from Kampala city.
This is a brand new batik titled FACING THE COMPETITION (2010) 22"X33". The inspiration for this work came from new trends in interior design whereby the use of big handmade flower vases takes center stage. These are stuffed with dry flowers of various types to create a welcoming atmosphere. In one of the shopping malls that I visited, flower vases had been lined up outside an antique shop. My interest was in the distinct patterning on each of these vases. It appeared like they were in some form of a competition. I dwelt on this imaginary idea of a competition and I wanted to extend it a notch higher by stuffing the vases with a common type of dry flowers, the dry sticks. This is one of the few works inspired by interior design trends.