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I'm doing batik on silk scarves. Very challenging. I've not done this before. The material keeps running out of my hands, very uncontrollable. I've dip-dyed them for a start and this has a small problem - I've to re wax all areas again as the already waxed layers had become thinner/weaker.
Silk is a good material that dries fast and retains its shiny look after application of dyes and hot wax.

I've been worried about how I was going to remove the wax. Ironing is out of my list of options. The only viable option is boiling (this is a scary option because you tend to think that colors will run out). The good news is that colors have not run out, even when I rinse with cold water the fabric just becomes softer and better. This is unprecedented in my experience as a batik artist. I think it opens a door to my dream of making batik designs on fabric that can be worn. Thank God for this breakthrough.