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In this batik, I was inspired by the view outside our house. There's a place near us on a hill with new housing and one thing is common aon all these houses; the shiny iron roofing and red brick walls, no plaster. The whole hill is dotted with these similar looking houses. When I went up there, I found people seated outside their homes talking about all kind of gossip including the recent power outages that have hit the country, although none of the houses was connected to the grid. Another thing that caught my attention was the rows of flower gardens that lined the road all around me. This batik portrays new neighbourhoods that are cropping up everywhere within 10kms from the capital city, Kampala.


SiLa said…
love it!
like I'm there now, i can actually imagine that village

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Here is a new batik I just finished this week. It shows ladies wearing the Gomasi, a traditional dress worn by women from Buganda region of Uganda. (Available for sale)


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