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Kampala old taxi park is one of the two taxi parks, the other one being the new taxi park in the Ugandan capital. The two parks accommodate more than 10,000 Toyota Hiace taxis that transport up to 1 million passengers daily. These mostly white taxis with a blue dotted stripe around them are a common sight on Ugandan roads. When you enter into into the taxi park, you are immediately surrounded by a seemingly confused way that that these 14 passenger taxis are parked. This reality makes it difficult for people to maneuver around the park. When the taxi fills up, the drivers have a way of driving through the maze as they shout insults at each other.

This batik (the last picture shows an unfinished stage) tries to bring out a small insight into what takes place in Kampala's transport system. Watch out for the last pictures when it's finished.


Anonymous said…
This is a masterpiece. Keep going.
Anees Rehman said…
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