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Title: USED AND DUMPED (2012)
Size: 90x90 cm
Medium: Batik Art on cotton fabric
Sold (Reproductions accepted on order)

Precious machines and memories are crashed together at yards like these. I asked myself as I did this batik that how did all these cars end up like this. Yet a few years earlier they had played an important role in helping owners reach in time for that important date, interview, birthday celebration etc. Of course a big number of these are accident cars that had taken lives and everyone wants to get rid of them.


The introduction ceremony (traditional wedding) from Buganda region in Central Uganda is a very interesting  occasion. The groom brings his friends and family to be introduced to the family of the bride. At the beginning of the function, they line up outside the bride's home ready to be allowed inside, headed by a usually comical speaker at the front of the line. The women put on colorful traditional dresses locally known as busuuti and the men put on jackets on a traditional gown known as kanzu. A few moments later after the groom is accepted, the groom's side goes outside again to come back with basket-fulls of gifts ranging from fruits, furniture, fabric material to even cars.