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This batik shows a busy street downtown Kampala, Uganda's capital city. It's one in a 5 series project showing the busy spots of downtown Kampala. It's a scene where 14-seater taxis, buses, motorcyclists (bodaboda), and pedestrians jossle for the little space available on the narrow streets. I believe this is the true representation of what it feels like to walk downtown Kampala. It's not easy. The lady crossing the road is taking food to a nearby shopping mall. She'll do her rather dangerous rounds many times crossing the street with plates of food and drinks from 6am in the morning to 6pm in the evening and is paid an equivalent of 1.50 US dollars per day. She eats the left-overs for lunch. Such is the life in downtown Kampala.


Lukandwa said…
I'm working on 4 more works in this series showing life on the streets of downtown Kampala. They are all for sale. Send me an email if you are interested in this or in any of my batik art. Thanks

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In this new work I'm focusing on wildlife and elephants in particular. I have done several paintings on elephants. This one is a little more interesting as it shows part of the face, particularly, the eye. Emphasis is on a network of skin wrinkles on the face of an old matriarch or the lead cow. I did it with a modern approach making it a 'modern elephant'.


This small batik SHARING KNOWLEDGE(2010) 10"X16" , I brought together 3 characters in a conversation. I took time to unify them with the same dress code (Masai). Using the same color theme, i was successful in shading light and dark tones in the dressing and the result was stunning. This is one of my favorite batiks.


This brand new batik 'AFRICAN WOMAN ' (2013) shows my fullfilled desire to escape the pain of making 'black' faces. I have always longed for figurative batik to take a centre stage in my artwork. This new year I'll have more of these and less of the 'black' empty faces. I want my characters to have a facial expression and I think with this picture finished, I'll continue to be successful.