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Pointilism in the Busuti batik

This is another batik done to show the beautiful Busuti dress. This is special because the designs in the dress are all dots of various sizes and flowing in all directions.

Gomesi, Uganda's traditional dress

I never get tired painting the colorful dress that is worn throughout Uganda. These are some of my latest batiks still in progress.


Six years ago I was doing a series of batiks under the 'Tall Lady' batik strips. I have been continuing with the series lately. These are batiks measuring 8x34 inches individually done by hand. They show an individual Ugandan/African lady carrying out an activity around the home, at times with a baby strapped at the back. Each motif or design in the dress is original and unique. The background color is white, red, cream and shy blue. They can be hanged as a series on a wall.