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Title: The Whirlwind
Size: 90x90 inches (3ftx3ft)
Medium: Batik Art on cotton fabric

Fish remains on top of my subjects lately and in this busy work, a school of fish runs in a whirlwind motion. The size is huge by my standards because a UK collector wanted 4 pieces of this size and I gave it a try. This piece is available both in limited edition print and original, send me an email if you are interested.


This batik 'STREAMING THROUGH THE FOREST' shows the depth of my new technique. I have always liked detail and remembering the thick forests where we collected firewood during chilhood, I decided to try something like this. These forests always had glittering fresh water streams passing through amongst the tall trees. Unfortunately, many of these forests have been cleared for farmlands. This is why art is so special that you can recreate or at least try to receate something that has been lost.


This is a piece I did from a photo given to me by my friend Karl Bucholz showing a landing site in Masaka.

Murchison Falls Batik Painting

This batik painting titled Murchison Falls (2012) was inspired by the need to do a Ugandan tourist attraction this year when the country is celebrating 50 years of independence. I used the tooth brush in carefully spreading the wax to bring out the splashes effect, forest cover.